Food Machinery

  • Double -action and two-speed flour spiral mixer

    Double -action and two-speed flour spiral mixer

    Doubel -action and two -speed flour mixer There are high speed, low speed and inching status in KH series double-action & double-speed dough maker through changing the motor speed. The vertical stainless steel spiral mixer and basket are driven by the chain. All the parts touching with dough are made of stainless steel or electro-plated on its surface and tally with national sanitary standar...

  • Deck Oven

    Deck Oven

    Deck oven deck oven both electrical and gas are available this is an ideal equipment for the bakery shop Main parameter Model Specifications Size(mm) Voltage Power Tray size KH-306D Three layers of 6 plate 1340*1010*1790 380v/50hz 18kw 40*60cm KH-309D Three layers of 9 plate 1740*1010*1790 380v/50hz 27kw 40*60cm KH-312D Three layers of 12 plate 1...

  • Rotary Oven

    Rotary Oven

    The hot-blast rotary baking oven is the ideal equipment for your cookies, cake, bread, biscuit and other foods. It is with excellent characteristics as follows: even fire color, the high technology makes high efficient power-saving and the energy fully utilized. and we adopt the export spare parts with excellent warm and rigor airtight quality and best system for keeping warm, and reduce the quan...

  • Biscuit Dough  Mixer

    Biscuit Dough Mixer

    Product Introduction The dough making machine is a machine that mixes flour and water or other ingredients into dough. It can be used singly or work with other equipment. It is widely applied for making dough for various cakes, biscuits, bread and steamed bread in hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc. It can also be used for mixing other materials. Main Parameter Model Capacity   Mixing tim...

  • High speed sugar miller machine

    High speed sugar miller machine

    High speed sugar miller machine Main parameter : 1.crashing granulated sugar :150kg/h 2.Working temperature : 50 ℃ 3.Production capacity :25-75kg/h 4.Tolerance : ≦5% 5.Principal axis speed: 5600 rotate /min 6.Power : 4kw 7.Crashing fineness : 25-300 mesh 8.Working noise : ≦85 decibel 9.Machine weight : 200kg/h 10.Machine size : 1360*800*600mm

  • Compressed Biscuit Machine

    Compressed Biscuit Machine

    Main Parameter Production capacity Voltage Oil cylinder Dimension 1-3T/shift 380V 15-25Mpa 900×800×1400mm

  • Automatic Cake Making Machine

    Automatic Cake Making Machine

    KH-DGX-800 Our full automatic cake production line is research and developed on the basis of Europe's advanced equipment, and colligate with the real condition of individual workshop .the full automatic cake line gathers the electricity, light and machine together .with the merits of high automatic, large capacity, fewer workers, and fewer workers touched with the products .long quality guarantee...

  • swiss roll & layer cake production line

    swiss roll & layer cake production line

    The equipment consists of agitator, oil brushing machine, depositing and forming machine, gas heating tunnel oven with steel belt, return conveying mesh belt, slicing device, sandwich device, cake overturn device, pressing device, transverse cutting device, cooling conveyor, etc. Characteristic: The size, weight and flavor can be changed, layer cake production also available; high automation, eas...

  • Jelly Candy Production Line

    Jelly Candy Production Line

    KH150/300/450/600 Candy depositing line is based on the 3rd generation machine; it is advanced equipment which can continuously produce various kinds of hard candies under a strict sanitary condition. This line can automatically produce high-quality hard candy, such as single color candy, two-color candy, three-color candy, crystal candy, central-filling candy, etc. The whole line is according to...

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, our factory Located at the forward position for China's economic development-Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, At the same time, Shanghai Kuihong machinery manufacturing Co, Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise that specializes in research development and production of food machinery, integrating technology, industry, and trade. Featured by advanced technology, high quality, centralized functions, and simple operation.
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Cake Machine

Cake Machine

Main Frame And Operation Principle

The machine adopts computer programming, compact structure, concentrate function, simple operation, adopts the cylinder as the power, and with the photo & electric tracking, automatic quantitative extruder, high capacity, high precision. This machine is one of the advanced equipment for making custard cakes, cupcakes, etc.

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Cookies Biscuit Machinery

Cookies Biscuit Machinery

Main Function And Usage

The PLC cookies machine is the new kind of cookie shapes forming machine, which is automatically controlled. You can set the cookie forming ways(depositing or wire cutting), working speed, space between cookies, etc by touch screen. We have dozens of nozzle types for choice, or we can customize the special nozzles as your requirements. This machine used a SERVO motor, for baking, you can use the rotary oven, deck oven, or tunnel oven. It is the new equipment on the market.

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Rotary Egg Roll Machine

Rotary Egg Roll Machine

Main Function And Usage

The machine in the picture is the new type of egg roll making equipment. It used international advanced technology and adopted natural gas as the fuel to make out the new type of fully automatic egg roll making machine. This unit solved the problem of the high cost of the old type units. This unit includes the mixing system, material filling system, color mixing system, core filling system, transmission system, cooling system, etc.

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News & Media

  • Biscuit machines generally pay more attention to stability and flexibility in the design, which are often manifested in the following three aspects:1. Quantity flexibility. It can not only produce a single product, but also adapt to the production of different varieties of products. Production speed...

  • The crisp biscuit forming machine is a special equipment for the production of peach crisps, which is designed according to the needs of the market and combined with the hand-made peach crisps.1. The crispy biscuit forming machine can be used in tunnel type steel (mesh) belt oven, tunnel type chain ...

  • Let you understand the advantages of the biscuit machine. The structure of the biscuit machine is compact. The mold opening and closing, operation, mold oiling, waste removal machinery, and the whole process from baking to packaging are all displayed in front of customers. It is also suitable for on...

  • What are the advantages of making biscuit machine equipment? The biscuit machine has the functions of automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, automatic conveying, automatic fuel injection, and automatic cooling. The thickness of the biscuits can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the mechanical ...

  • Summarize the focus of the design of the biscuit machine. Biscuit is a kind of food that many people prefer. When designing a biscuit machine, what aspects do manufacturers generally pay attention to? Regarding the knowledge you need to know when designing the biscuit machine, the article compiled b...

  • How to bake cookies with a cookie maker(1) The temperature of the biscuit machine in the front area of the oven is too high, especially the temperature of the surface fire is too high. At this time, the temperature of the oven should be controlled not to be high at the beginning, and the temperature...