Traditional moon cake classification features

Traditional moon cake classification features

Aug 10, 2018

Cantonese style moon cake: thin, soft, sweet, stuffing.
Su-style moon cake: crispy, crispy, layered and crisp, heavy oil but not greasy, sweet and salty.
Oyster moon cake: the beauty of the skin is crispy, sweet and salty, the color is yellow, oil is not greasy.
Beijing-style moon cake: beautiful appearance, thin and soft skin, distinct layers, and attractive flavor.
Tide moon cake: heavy oil heavy sugar, soft taste.
Huizhou moon cake: small and exquisite, white as jade, full of crispy skin.
Oyster moon cake: crispy and delicious, sesame is the master.
Qin-style moon cake: rock sugar, slate oil, sweet pastry, sweet but not greasy.
Jin moon cake: sweet, mellow and. The form is simple, the taste is mellow, crisp and refreshing, sweet but not greasy.
Fengzhen Mooncake: It has a sweet taste and a rich mellow taste.