Features of coal-fired hot air rotary furnace equipment

Features of coal-fired hot air rotary furnace equipment

Feb 01, 2019

This stove can be used to bake bread, moon cakes, toast, French sticks, biscuits, meat, nuts, snacks and other products;

1. It is made of stainless steel inside and outside, which is clean and hygienic. It combines hot air convection, hot air circulation and slow rotation car to make the food parts evenly heated, plus water spray humidification device to ensure the food in the furnace meets The standard humidity, and through a certain temperature time, the food is evenly matured, elastic, and rosin. Timing alarm function, easy to control baking time, automatic temperature control, less fluctuation.

2, the appearance of luxury and generous, high productivity, saving time, space, energy and manpower. It is a good choice for the baking equipment of all major SMEs.

It has been improved to make the temperature rise faster and the baking color is more uniform. Safety, health and other advantages, greatly reducing production costs;

The coal-fired hot air rotary furnace is made of special materials. It is durable and has a long service life. The machine adopts direct-fired combustion to make the fire source return. It has reached the special design of secondary combustion of coal smoke and smokeless coal, and it is energy efficient.