Coal-fired hot air rotary furnace equipment

Coal-fired hot air rotary furnace equipment

Jan 26, 2019

Boiler range of coal-fired hot air rotary furnace equipment: French, bread, square, moon cake, dried fruit, peach cake, egg yolk pie, biscuits, cookies and dry baking (full sheep, chicken, duck, sausage, pork)

Features of coal-fired hot air rotary furnace equipment:

This stove can be used to bake bread, moon cakes, toast, French sticks, biscuits, meat, nuts, snacks and other products;

1. Fuel type, gas type, coal burning type and electric heating type can be provided according to the energy used by customers. The burner is imported from Japan and Italy. It has the advantages of less fuel consumption (gas), complete combustion, combustion protection measures, safety and sanitation, and greatly reduces production costs;

2. The electrical parts adopt imported components, the equipment structure is reasonable, the operation is simple and convenient, and the operation is safe and reliable;

3, one person, one machine operation, the whole vehicle enters and exits, the baking efficiency is high, the special air duct design ensures the hot air convection is sufficient, the temperature distribution in the furnace is even, the adjustable air outlet can adapt to different products, and the special requirements for baking quality in different seasons;

It has been improved to make the temperature rise faster and the baking color is more uniform. Safety, health and other advantages, greatly reducing production costs;